Hello Blog Followers!

Hello friends and family,

Welcome to the blog site for our 9th winter break trip to Kenya with CSU Students. This is our way to communicate about what we’re up to, how we’re doing and hopefully upload some photos now and then.  Internet access in the region to where we’re going is dependent on the cellular phone network, and sometimes that network is finicky; it’s not unusual for that kind of thing to just stop working for awhile for no apparent reason! In general we will do our best to post most days, but if you don’t see a post from us on a given day, don’t panic🙂

I know having your son/daughter/friend/loved one 9,000 miles away from home at a place that is remove and unfamiliar to you might cause some nervousness for friends and family, and that’s just an inevitable part of the deal when people want to experience the world and have their perspectives broadened.  We have this blog site to help keep you at ease and be part of our experience.  We urge our students to totally focus on being here, and not detract from that full immersion by keeping up with what’s going on back at home.
In the meantime, if you want to check out some websites of places and organizations we’re working with, supporting or visiting, here you go:
Samburu National Reserve:    http://samburucouncil.com/reserves.htm
Unity Women’s Village: http://unitywomensvillage.wordpress.com/home/
Samburu Youth Education Fund: http://www.samburuyouth.org.
And leave comments on the blog entries.  We will download most days to read to the group.
Brett and  Karina (trip leaders)

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