The Alt Break recap (sort of)

Co-leader note:  this is a series of out-of-context quotes or moments.  They wont make much sense, but hey, they’re college kids, and they’re having a good time.  All is well!

two lines- Zz/Billy

simba yeahhh, keh supat- emily

kimberly looks like a baboon- kimberly

mama Josefa with the  phat raps- billy

I dont consider myself  a reader *puts book down*- Zz

Prego cheeatah cant run very fast- Spencer

mom I finally saw a cheetah, it tasted delicious- Karina

Lions, elephants and baboons, oh my! -Suzie

Cus words in Kenyan sign language are the same in ASL! – Jo

where is my paper- Ashley

Five favorite facebook posts- Zz

(imagine dental game sounds) -Alley

This child just screams at the sight of my face- Ryan

I saw two lions cuddling and I CANT EVEN- Street

ZIP IT SHUT!! – Daylin


What day is it? what time is it? What year is it??? – Jordan

Fourteen is a new record!!! Wooooo -Nakayla

Mobius don’t care- Spencer

Why do four chairs matter? – Brett

Ta-mangima – Street




3 thoughts on “The Alt Break recap (sort of)

  1. Ha, ha, ha! Love this. Thank you so much for posting. Those quotes give an inkling of the adventures and experiences you’re all having.

    As always, sending love and hugs!


  2. Well I saw Billy several times (at least intriguing as he may be my son – hope so) amongst much interesting er prose, but will have to wait for later explanations. R&R my future caregivers ha. Hope you all have a very satisfying moments filled with times of giving, memories and introspection.


    1. The above comment was not me. This is internet fraud or something.

      Billy, only two weird ooc quotes? I expect better from you. But that’s classic mama Josephat,



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