Update from the co-leaders

Hi everyone,

It’s always a great sign of trip success when one of the trip leaders can duck out and get caught up on a few loose ends, which is exactly what I’m doing right now.  The students and our co-leader Karina are down at Unity Village helping construct a hut that can be used for tourists and visitors who choose to have a night or two of a traditional Samburu experience, which will also help generate some income for them as well.  THere’s a lot of evidence out there about the positive impact of investing in income-generating activities for women in the developing world. This small project will help those benefits come to fruition for the Unity women.

It’s heating up while we’re here. This part of the world goes from a short rainy season in Nov/Dec to a hot dry season through March or so, and we are experiencing that transition! Each day feels a little hotter than the previous. We’re taking the afternoons pretty light to keep ourselves protected from the heat.

Overall, things have been great. This is my 35th or so trip to this region — I’m an extraordinarily fortunate individual to have visited here that often — and our group is completely in the swing of things with our local partners.  THere’s a lot of wonderful people and hopefulness amidst an environment that has a lot of challenges; it’s an experience of contrasts, for sure.

Your sons/daughters/loved ones/friends are doing great. A few things here and there that will inevitably creep up with 17 people, in terms of a few minor bouts with flu-like symptoms, etc, but it just seems to linger for a day or so.  Traveling on planes in the midst of flu season and then arriving in a completely new environment that our bodies needs to adapt probably sets us up for a few of these things.

We’ve got a few students on deck to write a blog tonight which I will try to post right way, though early morning is a more promising internet-access time period.  Rest assured all is well!












4 thoughts on “Update from the co-leaders

  1. Kelly, Laurie, and I were so blessed to have the opportunity to hangout with y’all for a couple days! The work and heart each one of you have is astonishing for such a young group of people. Keep working hard, the work you are doing on the hut and in the hearts of Unity will forever be appreciated.

    P.S. remember to shake out your tents (yikes)


  2. Thanks for the update Brett. I’m wondering if you had the graduation yet? I’m sure that makes you and the others feel pretty empowered to be assisting with a life changing event.
    Not sure if you all heard: Colorado was hit with a big snow storm Wed-Thurs…the mountains have 2-3 feet of fresh snow and parts of I 70 were closed. Boarders and skiers are in heaven if they can get up there…..meanwhile Fort Collins got 12″ of snow on average. In Fort Collins it was minus 12 at 9 am with wind chills from minus 25-40…brrrr… Believe me, I’d love to send you all of our fluffy white ice cold powder from the driveway to cool you all off! xox to Karina & Spencer


  3. We so love your updates! I feel like we can all live vicariously through our amazing students. Can’t wait to see all of the pictures.


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