Jan 8 update

(written by Dailyn) –

To summarize the past few days is a mountainous task. Picking and choosing what to say has been hard because you can’t express the amount of love and laughter there is here in just one post.

First of all, we’re safe and very happy. We love you all very much and now that we have found new brothers and sisters, their love is also sent to you all the way from Archer’s Post.

But to catch up on the latest events…

January 3rd was the Samburu Youth Education Fund high school graduation. To get to secondary school, let alone graduate, is a massive accomplishment. Let me tell you what, it is nearly impossible not to get emotional as you see these bright and hardworking students collect their certificates. The students put on a beautiful performance in traditional beaded clothing, necklaces and headdresses.

After the ceremony we had the reception at Manmanet Restaurant and Choma Zone. The student’s mothers had prepared a feast of goat, rice, and vegetables that we all ate with such ferocity. Food was followed by cake, gifts, and thanks, mixed with chatter, laughter, and happiness. During reflections we all took the much needed moment to appreciate the education we have and the opportunity to be in a university.

The SYEF students (along with the rest of us) have the responsibility to make this world a better place and that can be accomplished through the power of education.

January 4…

Today was probably the hottest day so far. A few of us got the chance to go on a game drive through Samburu National Reserve. We saw gazelles, orecks, warthogs, elephants, and even an ostrich! We also saw crocodiles off in the distance, but no big cats today. Meanwhile, the rest of us stayed at Unity and continued to bond with the women and children. We’re supposed to continue working on the large Muzungu hut, building the roof, but we ran out of materials, so Brett and Spencer were off to shop!

By midday we all rested up, melting under the heat of the African sun.

January 5…

What do rock climbing, cliff jumping, and canopy walks have in common? Rift Valley Adventures, and it makes for an amazing day. As a graduation gift to the SYEF students, and surprise for us, we got the chance to celebrate their achievements and do some team building in a jaw dropping beautiful part of Kenya.

Rock climbing was a great way to build trust and support amongst each other despite the language barrier.  We cheered each other on and everyone made it to the top. Then we had a refreshing lunch of fruit and peanut butter sandwiches before strolling down to a picturesque waterfall. The water was frigid but jumping off cliffs made it worth every moment of the cold water. After the adrenaline rush, Rift Valley Adventures took us on a canopy walk through the trees where we saw all kinds of birds, cows, and an elephant skull. We finished the adventures with tea and biscuits at RVA basecamp where we could use actual toilets to everyone’s surprise.

The ride back home was full of smiles. The CSU and SYEF students fell asleep on each other and exchanged contact information. It was a beautiful day to see two groups become one.

Needless to say, our reflections were full of love and laughter.

Lala salama!!


9 thoughts on “Jan 8 update

  1. Sounds like you are all having an amazing time. Love you “Dushi,” can’t wait to see all of your pictures and hear your stories.


  2. What amazing, varied, and beautiful experiences you’re all having! Thank you for posting. It means so much to us to get a glimpse. Ryan, we can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your stories. Sending love and hugs!


  3. Been reading all the updates, thanks for all the details, it’s been wonderful to imagine what it’s been like. Jordan, we love you and miss you, and can’t wait to hear all your stories.


  4. All I can say is WOW! What an incredible experience you’re having. I can only imagine. Jordan, I hope your camera is working well for you. Love you and miss you.


  5. Wow. We love reading all about the adventures, and can not wait to see pictures. We google the different animals you all see and try to live along with your adventures. So proud of you all and the community work your doing. Can’t wait to see you on Thursday Emily. Have an amazing time!!


  6. Dailyn – maybe you should change your major to “writing” of some sort. Reading this blog made us feel as if we were there with you – even to the cold water. To all: cherish these times.They won’t come again. There will be different ones, but not just like this.Make picture albums when you get home with LOTS of dialog so you won’t forget a single moment. LOVE YOU!!!!


  7. Hi to Dailyn from Colorado, I have always wanted to go canopy walking in a jungle. I hope to hear more about that experience when you return. By your discription, I can just imagine what a priceless experience you and your trip-mates are having. Temperature here today is 45 degrees, heat-wave from zero temps a few days ago. Besure to keep a list of all the animals you see and asheo’lang for pictures on the blog site.
    Habarihasubui with a big hug, Judy and Bill


  8. I’m very proud of all that you have done, and thanks for taking the time to tell us all the you have done. I know internet isn’t the easiest thing to get over there. I hope to see you guys very soon,and I miss you Ashley.



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